Sirapite CD – track listing

1. Sirapite (Concert March)

2. Oh, Listen to the Band

3. Blow the wind southerly

4. The Lincolnshire Poacher

5. Hands across the sea

6. Memory

7. Main Street (Slow March)

8. The Conquest of Paradise

9. Barnard Castle

10. Hill-Billy Holiday

Trombone Soloists

11. Slaidburn

12. Hymn to the Fallen

13. Aces High

14. Rivers of Babylon

15. A Glenn Miller Collection

Stewart Green

Lionel Monckton arr. Ronald Hanmer

Traditional, arr. Edrich Siebert

Traditional, arr. Derek Broadbent

John Philip Sousa arr. Thomas Wyss

Andrew Lloyd-Webber arr. Goff Richards

Stewart Green

Vangelis arr. Alan Fernie

Goff Richards

Derek New

Richard Laws-Smith and Harriet Kersey

William Rimmer

John Williams arr. Klaus van der Woude

Ron Goodwin arr. Frank Bryce

Farian and Reyam, arr. Frank Bernaerts

arr. Alan Fernie